Title I is a federally funded program provided to Dublin Scioto High School. Participants are selected based on standardized assessments and teacher referrals. It is a requirement of Title I to first serve students who are in need of the most support in reading and/or math. Support services may take place during a specific period, in a content-area class, and outside the normal school day. Title I is NOT a pull-out program. All Title I teachers meet professional qualifications for licensure and certification. Title I support will give your student specific time in his/her day for individualized attention. This support will assist in overall success here at Scioto High School.

Students are typically selected in early Fall of the academic year. Parents/guardians will receive notification via mail if their student qualifies. A school/guardian/student compact will be given and utilized throughout the year.

PARENT VOLUNTEERS: We are always looking for more parent involvement. Please let us know if you would like to be a part of our team to help Scioto reach its literacy and math goals. We appreciate any kind of talents and resources you may have.

Title I Reading Teachers:

Elizabeth Cola


Susan Murphy


Title I Math Teachers:

Sarah Andrews


Cris McElroy


If your Title I Math or Reading teachers do not have your contact information, you may use this link to fill this out! Parent Information

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